I cannot simply realize my privilege and hate it—there is nothing constructive or productive about this. My artwork is
grounded in the healing of myself and in the bridgework of connecting myself to my family and to others. 

I am a mixed-race artist living in Chicago. I make work around mixed-race identity that deals with the recovery of missing artifacts from mixed histories, especially within the context of family and ancestry, as well as with the emptiness left within the self as a result of cultural "erasure" and silence. My recent work has begun to focus on themes of translation and communication gaps in interracial relationships, and the concept of "belonging" to multiple worlds at once. 

The goal of my work is to challenge viewers to reevaluate their understandings of race, especially mixed race, to communicate the intimate complexities of retracing my mixed race family history, and finally to challenge myself, through this process, to confront my own (mis)understandings of race through a process of accountability. By “accountability”, I mean that I want to search the histories that have led to my identity and location, to learn from the relationships that my family members have had and still have with their locations, with themselves, and with others, and through this knowledge I want to bring myself to a place of healing and transformation. My goal with my art is to practice breaking the silences that have forced me to avert my gaze, to ignore racism, to let oppression continue—not just with myself and my family, but with others who are different from me as well. By holding myself accountable through my self-expression, I will move into a space of creative acknowledgement, where I can move on, continuing my history, guiding it with great intention toward the building of loving relationships.

I moved to Chicago three years ago where I earned my Master's in Women & Gender Studies from DePaul University. While working on my thesis, I rediscovered and revived my love of making art. I work at a small feminist bookstore so that I can continuously feed this love.