So here I go--

my first undoing

each button

drops of water

(or coins) I slip

out my arms

my awkward shoulders

my elbow is

a baby deer

my pants like a weight

fall just legs

now just calves, thighs

just body

in bra; underclothes

When I unhook it

step though elastic

into new kingdoms

into unhinged

space and you can see

the lines now: arms

thighs, breasts, stomach

I love you

I'm sorry I hurt

you I love you

I miss you

I'm sorry

forgive me

I'm sorry please

give me a


the baptism comes

slowly like a 

realization and 

I am dipping

my fingers two

at  a time spreading

Holy water against

once parted skin

as if to say, "No.

This time my eyes

are opened and 

I can see:

The landscape

is precious."